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Grove Collective's Inaugural
Berlin Summer Pop-Up Event:

Welcome Back /
New in Town

With a mission to create dialogue at the intersection of art, narrative, and technology, Grove Collective is eager to expand from their London base into Europe, using virtual reality technology to make the exhibition available across the world online, telling the stories of the works and the artists behind them.

The title of the exhibition comes from a number of intersections between old and new.

At its most granular, the works on display exemplify this confluence, with Mayer’s and Warnsing’s familiar styles re-contextualised by an unlikely pairing; Mayer’s stolid, modernist forms are given contemporary vigour by Warnsing’s works, while Mayer historicises many of Warnsing’s motifs.

However, this pairing of new and familiar extends further, into personal territory – while Warnsing lives and works in Berlin, Mayer works in Saarbrücken, Germany, leaving Warnsing as the local and Mayer as the newcomer.

Similarly, New in Town/Welcome Back celebrates a return to Berlin for Grove Collective Co-Directors Jacob Barnes and Morgane Wagner – the city where both met while still attending university, but to which both return anew as professionals.

Welcome Back /
New in Town

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Grove Collective's Berlin Summer Pop-up

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