Artistic Practice:

Sikelela Owen

Owen's work is predominately made up of loosely figurative paintings, drawings, and prints of friends, family, and people of interest, all stemming from a core interest in ideas of community and intimacy.

Her primary references come from art history, personal imagery and publicly-sourced materials. In turn, she pairs these with her use of undefined spaces and underpainting, bringing a certain distance and unpredictability to the work.

This unpredictability causes her figures to appear as if they have been briefly caught in a moment, one that is fleeting – viewers remain bystanders to the rich worlds of Owen's canvases, observers of the equally rich and quotidian intimacies of their constituents. 

"Visit Sikelela Owen
A War With No Winner: Bodies and their Spaces on now"

Grove Collective
Artist Studio visit with
Sikelela Owen

Photography by Lauren Harris