Oriele Steiner

Oriele’s work explores a wide array of painting techniques and processes, using colour and light as the dominant means of experimentation. She is interested in a palette’s ability to evoke emotion, whether through direct, singular use or via juxtaposition and dissonance. 

Her compositions portray vivid dreamscapes, and the figures within offer a sense of eeriness. The figures themselves often make their way in to her direct environment via found photography, imagination and drawings.

Organic forms taken from this imagery transform themselves in to a range of motifs, such as childhood and performance, which dominate her work. 

These motifs are her way
of building up a relationship with
the imagery, and she continually builds upon this visual alphabet through uninhibited, free-associative drawing and painting.

Grove Collective
Artist Studio Visit with Oriele Steiner 

"A Future Cast In Our Image"

Oriele's work features in the inaugural Grove Collective Exhibition: