the Studio:

Maïa Régis

Maïa often paints in a white jumpsuit to prevent her clothes becoming dirty – there's so much paint on this it might be able to stand up rigid next to her!

Maïa experiments with a range of materials in her practice. Many of her works, as seen here, are done on paper, but she also paints on canvas, textiles, and cardboard regularly.

The immediacy that is expressed in much of Maïa's work is also conveyed by her media – her paintings on cardboard suggest ideas executed in the spur of the moment.

Maïa often works between London and Palermo, in Sicily, and is half-Italian herself. While we strongly doubt she got this Pellegrino there, it was a little reminder of her Italian side!

When we came to visit Maïa, she had just moved into the studio – accordingly, much of her material was still in boxes!

Grove Collective
Artist Studio Visit with Maïa Régis 

"A Future Cast In Our Image"

Maïa's work features in the inaugural Grove Collective Exhibition: