Maïa Régis


When asked about her practice, Maïa responded that she often will pluck her figures and scenes from popular culture, drawing on a variety of media.

While classiscally trained, she regularly paints from online images, or images on her phone, instead of referencing classical scenes. Likewise, she will often pair this with listening to music as she paints – the combination of pop culture icons and their products is central to Maïa's work.

Maïa doesn't even work from sketchbooks – her work goes directly onto the primary surface, without so much as a study.

From this kind of practice, one begins to see where the intuitive, or free-spirited composition of her images comes from: all of her work is simply a product of what comes to Maïa, expressed immediately.

Grove Collective
Artist Studio Visit with Maïa Régis 

"A Future Cast In Our Image"

Maïa's work features in the inaugural Grove Collective Exhibition: