C. Lucy R. Whitehead

C. Lucy R. Whitehead’s paintings explore our increasingly fragile relationship with the physical, with regard to both our own bodies and the spaces they inhabit.

Whitehead's paintings explore varying degrees of abstraction, from the fragmented structures of flesh-like forms to the translucent silhouettes of human figures. These images sink into and mould around the boundaries of the canvas – one gets the sense her scenes could expand infinitely, were it not for her stretchers' edges.

She tends to work on one painting at a time, working through a process of both intuition and design. In doing so, she states that each work is indicative of her own fluctuating relationship to the body and space at the time of making.

Grove Collective
Artist Studio Visit with C. Lucy R. Whitehead

"Fragmented Intimacy"

Whitehead's work features in the Grove Collective Exhibition: