Connie Harrison

What's in
their Studio?

Pottery: Unable to go to her studio briefly over lockdown in the UK, Connie took to ceramics, crafting this pottery which she keeps in her studio. 

Wax shavings: These are the remnants from Connie’s wax shavings – she keeps a special hoover in the studio to keep it under control!

Biscuits and Tea: Connie’s got a steady supply of biscuits and tea available; regularly spending long days in the studio, Connie has to take her tea break here!

For some of her works, Connie chooses to frame them herself. Here, she’s set up a framing station where she builds unique frames for her art.

However, there's always going to be trial and error – she keeps remnants of unused frames in a small bucket under her easel.

Grove collective
Artist Studio visit with Connie Harrison 

Photography by Lauren Harris

"A Future Cast In Our Image"

Connie's work features in the inaugural Grove Collective Exihbition: