Connie Harrison


Connie uses a unique practice of mixing hot wax and paints on her canvases and boards. The result is a texture and depth that make her works immediately identifiable, creating an interplay of light, color, and physicality.

Often, Connie will first prep her canvases with a given color before applying the wax. After the color is applied, she will melt down her wax pellets in a slow cooker in her studio, preparing it to be spread.

Once melted, Connie will apply the wax, before beginning to scrape and relayer both paint and wax, building up successive layers. Feeling into an intuitive process, Connie will continue to scrape away and apply wax and paint until she feels the work is complete.

Grove collective
Artist Studio visit with Connie Harrison 

Photography by Lauren Harris

"A Future Cast In Our Image"

Connie's work features in the inaugural Grove Collective Exihbition: